58 Funny, Weird, And Ridiculous Things That Actually Exist On Amazon (New Pics)

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Folks have historically made fun of the likes of Wish and Craigslist for featuring items and services that raise more questions than they answer.

Well, apparently, Amazon is guilty of this too. On a smaller scale, but one that still exists. And you bet there’s a dedicated online group that’s all about sharing the gems found on it, namely the subreddit r/AmazonWTF, or The Deep, Dark Rabbit Hole Of Amazon.com.

#1 Airline Cat Carrier, $14.99

Image credits: Kanojononeko

#2 Ordered One Hoodie For My Kid And Now Amazon Won’t Stop Sending Boxes Of Them Up To 62 Hoodies

Image credits: magelight343

#3 Jarfield

Image credits: A13West

So, Reddit is home to r/AmazomWTF, also known as the The Deep, Dark Rabbit Hole Of Amazon.com. It’s dedicated to finding the weirdest, funniest, scammiest or downright WTF? things found on Amazon.

And it’s not just things, per se. The description invites folks to share shipping adventures and policies, customer service experience and everything in between.

#4 What A “Unique” Description For The Grapefruit Essential Oil

Image credits: beepmeupscotty

#5 This Was My Recent Delivery Notification. Not My House, Not My Car, And It’s A Public Street

Image credits: V65Pilot

#6 W H A T

Image credits: SaveCanada28

As of this article, the group has 50,000 members who collectively deliver weirdness on the daily.

Places like Wish and Craigslist have embraced their reputation of being and attracting all shades of weird, but you wouldn’t likely expect Amazon to be in the same boat. Minus all the books you can find there.

#7 The Perfect Salt & Pepper Shaker

Image credits: Ideal_Jerk

#8 So I Bought This Item, And For Some Reason I Was Sent A 100ft Ethernet Cord, Which Was Not The Item. I Get A Refund, And Now, Almost A Month Later, Seller Sends Me This

Image credits: slimshady713

#9 “It Was The Chair, I Swear”

Image credits: Ned_Sc

But, it should come as no surprise because while Amazon has a number of its own products and services on offer, it’s originally and primarily a platform for people to sell stuff online. It’s like a mall that houses stores owned by other people. As such, it’s not really Amazon that sells all these weird, scammy or bootleggy products, but rather the stores that it hosts on its platform.

#10 Being Not Alive Was A Real Bummer

Image credits: spankygrrl

#11 How/Why??! Wth Amazon

Image credits: Cinndderrella

#12 Acne Scrub Is A “Video Game Accessory”

Image credits: AJCham

Now, sure, Amazon has a pretty good policy and system going to keep scammers, bootleggers and other shenanigan lovers away from people who just want to get a back scratcher and a book on why swearing is unacceptable, but remember that products came in varying shades of gray and it is sometimes hard to determine what goes and what doesn’t.

#13 Why Is This A Design You Can Get On A Toilet Seat?

Image credits: FaeryLynne

#14 If You Ever Order Anything Expensive From Amazon Make Sure You Video Tape Yourself Opening The Box, They Absolutely Refuse To Refund Me, After Sending Me A Note 9, Instead Of The S22 Ultra I Ordered

Image credits: No_Jackfruit5366

#15 Wtf Indeed

Image credits: djwb1973

The official Amazon store policy has a detailed list of products that are off limits. This includes things like weapons, medicine, get rich quick products and the like all have clear limitations and categories, Garfield toys that have seen better days and handbags with Princess Diana on them fall into a category of where to draw the line and how to enforce it in general?

#16 I Ordered A Razer Laptop And This Arrives In The Product Box Instead

Image credits: radugbhr

#17 Hmm…what To Do?

Image credits: Acceptable_Amoeba_20

#18 Why Add The Sunglasses?

Image credits: thewokebogan

Then there’s the rest of the subreddit that features things other than products.

One person once ordered just one hoodie for their one (I’ll stop) kid, but some force of nature turned that into them receiving 62 hoodies. Clearly an error on Amazon’s part.

And then there was a delivery confirmation picture for one of the other Redditor’s packages, which was simply placed not at their house, but on a car that’s not owned by them that’s parked on a public street.

#19 Anyone’s Outrage Of Amazon One Medical?!

Image credits: KWorksToWin

#20 Alien Mousemat

Image credits: SoyBoy_Master

#21 What Can We Put In The Picture To Really Sell This Trash Can?

Image credits: spreese_geese

Then there’s all the times people ordered one thing and got another—namely how a person ordered corn oil but received peanut oil and hence left a bad review. Well, Amazon prompted for hiding the review from the public instead of making things right.

But it gets crazier: one person broke a finger and ordered a split. Instead, they got sent a kilogram of oats. No, they weren’t really packaged, just loose in a box.

#22 Not Quite Sure These Are For The Garden…

Image credits: Jackster21

#23 Got This As An Amazon Recommendation

Image credits: peteypauls

#24 From A Thermometer Listing

Image credits: MrNaturalAZ

We won’t even get started with all of the times pictures depict questionable things, like skulls on a patio fire pit, or those long descriptions that manage to use every relevant keyword possible just to make a sale.

But none of this should be surprising considering a slew of problems that plague Amazon. Whether related or not.

#25 # 1 Selling In What Category?

Image credits: BetterReward9965

#26 Scrolling At Cute Shirts And Then This!

Image credits: WendyH73

#27 Gifts For Lovers

Image credits: llisaeva

Stores have to go through a lot just to make a sale considering the strict payout policies, extremely high level of competition, high Amazon fees and packaging restrictions, just to name a few.

And, on a more grandiose scale, the company itself has been criticized for its anti-competitive practices, treatment of workers and customers alike, environmental impact and a slew of other things.

#28 Nice Buttocks

Image credits: GarysCrispLettuce

#29 Holiday Spirit

Image credits: EhSillyGoose

#30 I Don’t Think They Thought This Through

Image credits: icantsaycaterpillar

Now, if you want more funny, weird or ridiculous things that actually exist on Amazon, then look no further. Or hit up the subreddit.

But if you feel like sharing your experiences online shopping, the comment section is all yours.

#31 On A Portable Bathtub Listing… I Don’t Think That’s How That Works

Image credits: ItsaSnap

#32 Wtf Is Under The Gd Bag??!!

Image credits: MudaThumpa

#33 I Broke My Finger, So Ordered A Splint, Instead Got Sent A Kilo Of Oats

Image credits: AmazingLadar

#34 The Honest Title On This Poorly Manufactured Hair Dryer

Image credits: btrpiii

#35 For The Low Price Of $99.99, You Too Can Be The Proud Owner Of A Hellfire Pit

Image credits: Striter100

#36 Kinda Embarrassed To Admit I’ve Been Talked Out Of These More Than Once-I Have A Few Crustaceans Tattooed, And I Think I’d Like A Photo Shoot In A Fancy Evening Gown Or Tuxedo With Just The One. “You’re Ridiculous.”-My Daughter

Image credits: GodFreesince2003

#37 “These Will Look Great In The Guest Bathroom Honey”

Image credits: Nay_Nay_Jonez

#38 Amazon Packing My Jerky With The Weed Killer

Image credits: kkaleb91

#39 Dianna, Princess Of Hearts

Image credits: adhdventures

#40 Hmmm…….not Mental Case Friendly?

Image credits: Shadowhawk0000

#41 Amazon Prime

Image credits: RandomlyMethodical

#42 Culinary?

Image credits: ahhh_zombies

#43 Saved This To My Cart Yesterday But Decided To Wait Until Today To Buy It To Get A Sale Price On Amazon Prime Day

Image credits: ThePromoHubb

#44 This Is One Way To Market The Product

Image credits: ComprehensivePie888

#45 What? I Don’t Even Know Where To Begin

Image credits: superphly

#46 Red Toilet Paper

Image credits: castledaddy

#47 Hookah Hoses

Image credits: PotatoOswald

#48 Sorry, Visit Which Store?

Image credits: roariah

#49 Amazon Wants To Hide From The Public About What Happened With My Order? Lol

Image credits: RockyR0CKS

#50 What Decade Am I In?

Image credits: Fit_Resort_4111

#51 A Mysterious Thanks

Image credits: ynwahs

#52 Um, Why Blur The Faces In Your Own Ad Amazon?

Image credits: Southernfly75

#53 Amazon Knows What I Like

Image credits: Matthew_716

#54 What Size Should I Get For My Antenna To Show My Support For My Favorite Sports Team?

Image credits: safarimotormotelinn

#55 How Does This Even Make Sense?

Image credits: Sea-Fix9964

#56 It’s Funny Because It’s A Calico, Which Can’t Possibly Be Male

Image credits: Far_Individual_7455

#57 The Scammers Are Quick ? And Amazon Never Addresses Them

Image credits: Substantial-Rub3921

#58 Say B On The Bottle But Ordered D

Image credits: Fast-Reaction8521

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