35 Hot Takes People Have Shared In “The 10th Dentist” Group That Most People Will Disagree With

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“9 out of 10 dentists recommend this toothpaste! And this chewing gum! And this flossing pick!” We’ve all heard this line used in countless advertisements. But have you ever wondered what the 10th dentist recommends? 

Apparently, there’s a whole online community dedicated to the mysterious dentist who goes against the grain. We’ve taken a trip to The 10th Dentist subreddit, which provides members with a safe space to share their most unpopular and outlandish opinions. Below, you’ll find some of these strange ideas, so try to keep an open mind while reading through. And be sure to upvote the pics that you find particularly shocking!

#1 I Like To Peel Lemons Before I Eat Them

Image credits: PC-Ray

#2 I Like Wet Socks

Image credits: New-CringymemesXD69

#3 My Friend Prefers To Eat His Instant Ramen Like This, Ketchup And Pickles

Image credits: Gnomedalf

According to The 10th Dentist subreddit, the 10th dentist “is someone who sincerely, or professionally, disagrees with the broad majority of people.” This is the person who’ll eat the pizza crust and leave the rest of the slice for someone else. They love having long layovers and being forced to hang out in airports, and they believe that chocolate is disgusting. 

Now, it’s likely that we all have a few 10th dentist level opinions. I love weird food combinations as much as the next person, and I absolutely hate ketchup. So it’s not surprising that The 10th Dentist subreddit has become one of the largest on the platform, with over 257k members. We should all be able to voice that the Harry Potter films are overrated without fearing for our life! 

#4 I Eat Oranges Like Apples. The Excess Of Juice That Is Released Is Just So Satisfying

Image credits: Nitrome950

#5 I Like Adding Chocolate Syrup To My Orange Juice

Image credits: MrBeanpod

#6 My Friend Eats His Cereal With Orange Juice

Image credits: Japu_D_Cret

Now, when it comes to the name of this online community, it obviously stems from those advertisements making bold claims about toothpaste and other dental hygiene products. But why do companies always use this claim in their commercials? According to TV Tropes, it’s easy to misconstrue this claim with the idea that 90% of doctors or dentists actually agree with something. But that’s not necessarily the case.

What likely happened is that a trial with an extremely small sample size was carried out (perhaps literally only 10 dentists or doctors), and the company cherry picked information that sounded like it would benefit them. TV Tropes also notes that some liberties may have been taken with the company’s claims. “Did nine out of ten dentists really say that their brand of toothpaste was best, or did nine out of ten dentists just agree that toothpaste in general is a good idea?” the writers asked. 

#7 Posting On The Behalf Of My 8 Year Old Sister Who Unironically Eats And Enjoys Sweet Brioche With Soy Sauce

Image credits: Y-Woo

#8 Pineapple And Anchovy Are Amazing When They’re Both On A Pizza. Sort Of A Sweet And Salty Type Thing, I Love It

Image credits: reddit.com

#9 How My Sister Butters Her Bagels :/

Image credits: reddit.com

No matter how cliche the idea of “9 out of 10 dentists” recommending something has become, it’s still used on company websites. You can find it on Sensodyne’s site recommending their toothpaste for sensitive teeth, and you’ll hear it in commercials all the time. 

But some companies have decided to be a bit more careful about their claims, as in 2007, Colgate found themselves under fire for their bold statement that 80% of dentists  recommend their toothpaste.  

#10 Pizza In Diet Coke Makes The Pizza 10x Better

Image credits: reddit.com

#11 My Dad Likes Popcorn With Mustard

Image credits: reddit.com

#12 Tuna Is The Best Pizza Topping

Image credits: Criss98

According to Reuters, the Advertising Standards Authority came after Colgate for boldly claiming that 80% of dentists recommended their toothpaste. Apparently, dentists were given a survey where they could recommend several brands of toothpaste. And while 80% of them did recommend Colgate, they did not necessarily choose it over any other brands. They just considered it to be one valid option.     

#13 I Dont Like The White Stuffing In An Oreo

Image credits: funky555

#14 My Brother Likes To Add Popcorn To His Cereal. I Tried It Today, It’s Actually Pretty Good

Image credits: GabrielGaryLutz

#15 Guacamole On Oreos Is Delicious. It Has A Very Interesting Flavour Mix

Image credits: reddit.com

Nowadays, it’s really easy to spend time in echo chambers online. We’re pushed similar content to what we engage with and click like on, and we tend to follow pages that share beliefs that we agree with. But sometimes, it’s healthy to be introduced to ideas and opinions that are different from our own. That’s why The 10th Dentist subreddit can be such a great place! You might fervently disagree with many of the photos and opinions you see shared there, but they’re still opening up your mind to new ideas. 

#16 I Prefer 18 Over 19

Image credits: PC-Ray

#17 I Like To Add Coffee To Curd And Yogurt

Image credits: DishaDaily

#18 He Likes His Hotdogs Peeled

Image credits: darthman156

According to Maryville University, hearing different perspectives is important for expanding a person’s thinking, helping people develop empathy, increasing inclusion and equity, reducing biases and increasing creativity. You might see a food combination that you would have never thought of recommended by a 10th dentist, and your initial reaction might be that it must be disgusting. But maybe it’s not so bad! Keep an open mind, and don’t judge those 10th dentists. 

#19 My Mom Folds Papers In Half Hotdog-Style

Image credits: ToujoursFidele3

#20 Cheez-Its And Milk Is Pretty Good. It Adds A Nice Salty Crunch To My Milk. I Don’t Eat This A Lot, Just On The Rare Occasion I’m In The Mood For It

Image credits: VertigoGnome

#21 My Favorite Meal: Cocoa Pebbles With String Cheese

Image credits: adustbininshaftsbury

I will admit that there are definitely things on this list I would never do. But I’ll never judge anyone for their bizarre combinations and beliefs, as long as they’re harmless! Try to keep some of that childlike wonder alive in yourself, pandas, and try some guacamole on an Oreo! (Okay, maybe not that one… But find something new to try!) 

#22 I Sometimes Butter My Cereal

Image credits: ei283

#23 Ketchup On Pancakes Is Actually Really Good

Image credits: cookiechantrs

#24 I Love Baked Beans And Egg Pizza For Breakfast

Image credits: reddit.com

After looking at some of these photos, do you feel that you fall more into the majority on many of these opinions, or do you find yourself resonating with these misunderstood 10th dentists? Keep upvoting the pics that you find particularly surprising (or some that you might even agree with!), and if you’d like to read even more unpopular opinions from Bored Panda, check out this piece next!

#25 I Like Taking Bites Out Of Onions While Eating Stuff That Has No Onion In It

Image credits: areksandrew

#26 My Friend Thinks Oysters Go Really Good Cheesecake

Image credits: OMGitsBababoey

#27 This Guy

Image credits: poppyseedbagelz

#28 I Like To Condense All My Song Titles

Image credits: thjmze21

#29 The Dolls Nursing Students Use When Training At Their Jobs Are Cute And Adorable Looking

Image credits: snorken123

#30 I Think These Seats Look Comfortable

Image credits: slfoifah

#31 I Like Sitting In Between The Benches On The Bus

Image credits: Rubin82

#32 I Like Mixing Eggs With Oatmeal For Breakfast, You Get The Rubbery Texture Of Egg With The Chewy Consistency Of Oatmeal, It’s To Die For

Image credits: reddit.com

#33 This Is Far Superior To Mechanical Keyboards For All Uses, From Programming To Gaming

Image credits: nodnarb232001

#34 Sometimes When My Bubblegum Has A Tinfoil Wrapping, I Chew The Wrapping Along With The Gum Because It Gives A Metallic Unique Taste (Me Halfway Done)

Image credits: Proof_Individual6993

#35 When I Have To Take Off My Bandages, Instead Of Throwing Them Away, I Stick Them On My Shower Wall

Image credits: bazoinga420

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