Woman Is Furious At Husband For Siding With Babysitter, She Leaves Home To Stay In Hotel

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No one realizes how hard babysitting is. You are put in charge of tiny humans who, in most cases, are very unpredictable. One minute they are in the living room watching their favorite cartoon, but take your eyes off them for a second, and you will catch them almost on the verge of death. This babysitter had to deal with an annoyed employer who claimed she overreacted to an “emergency” situation. However, the husband insists she did the right thing and it was the wife who was overreacting to the babysitter’s response.

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As satisfying as babysitting might be, it can be one of the scariest jobs to do

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The poster is in a sticky situation with his wife after she fired their babysitter for calling 911 on their son’s “emergency”

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He got home to meet his wife yelling at the babysitter, claiming she wasted money on an ambulance

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They failed to inform her on the steps to take when dealing with such a situation

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The wife fired the babysitter and threatened to call the police if she sees her again

The author of the post and his wife hired a babysitter, Daisy, who has been looking after their kids for years. Usually, she babysits them with the assistance of the author’s mom, who primarily looks after the baby. When the kids’ school closed for renovations, the teen offered to take care of them after school, from 3:30 PM to 6 PM.

When the author returned home from work at 6 PM, he found his wife yelling at the babysitter, who was sobbing and apologizing. The author’s wife was furious with her and threatened to call the police if she ever came back.

Apparently, while Daisy was looking after the children, the author’s nine-month-old son passed out because he held his breath for a long time. This is a relatively normal occurrence in the author’s household, as he usually wakes up within a few seconds after passing out. However, the author’s mom forgot to tell the babysitter what to do in this situation. Panicked, she called 911.

The author’s wife was incredibly angry with her for “wasting money” by calling 911 over what she considered “nothing.” The author and his wife are currently arguing about this incident.

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According to Fatherly, overreacting can happen to anyone. Sometimes people fly off the handle at relatively minor triggers. Most of us have had a moment where our own response to someone else’s behavior was disproportionate to the situation. In these situations, a little thing or remark sets off a cascade of emotions that it takes a while to recover from. To be on the receiving end of an overreaction can be difficult and painful, especially if your behavior was the perceived trigger.

When dealing with an emotionally explosive spouse, it is important to stay calm, writes Relationship Therapy Center. Not always easy, of course, and in fact, can feel impossible when your spouse is overreacting. No good will come from matching your spouse’s angry or dramatic tone.

Of course, you have every right to feel angered by their outburst, but it’s generally best to take a mental or physical step back. Breathe. Pay attention to your thoughts and body, and slow them down. Wait until both of you are in a calmer state before addressing the problem at hand. Once our bodies are overaroused, we lose our ability to think rationally. When you’ve both had time to collect yourselves, you’ll be better equipped to have a mature conversation.

What’s your take on the situation? Do you think she overreacted or was well within her rights to be annoyed? Lets know your thoughts below!

Commenters agreed that he was not the jerk in this situation

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