Internauts Donate $95K To Retiree After Company Throws Him A Sad BBQ Party As A Goodbye

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In a fast-paced world, people change things in the blink of an eye. After a particularly hard Thursday at work, employees spend evenings sending CVs. This practice would’ve bewildered our grandparents, who believed in loyalty to one company. Sadly, that loyalty is often overlooked – John Bartlett dedicated 42 years to the same company and for his retirement, he received a certificate of appreciation and a BBQ party. Luckily, his coworkers jumped in and showed John just how much he’s worth it.

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John dedicated 42 years to the same company. When it was time to retire, he was let down by his employer

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For 42 years, John commuted on a bus and a train to get to work every day. Despite a long commute, he enjoyed his job. “He loves working here so much he didn’t want to retire,” his coworker Sonia said.

Unfortunately, the company did not appreciate his dedication. After the 70-something knew it was time to retire, there were no balloons, no thank you, no donations collected for his gift. Outraged, Sonia shared “He got no bonus, just a barbeque and a certificate. Don’t be a slave to your job.”

Appalled and heartbroken for John, Sonia decided to use social media to get some justice for her hardworking colleague. In a TikTok, Sonia revealed the shocking behavior of the unnamed company. In the video, John is seen working in what looks like a warehouse unit, concentrated on his task, perhaps, contemplating the next step after retirement.

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He received a certificate of appreciation and a BBQ party on the last day of work

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Leaving a job can be daunting, especially if you’re not sure of your next step, be it looking for other employment or thinking of what to do with the free time during retirement. Getting a nice goodbye present makes it a little easier, knowing the bosses and colleagues appreciated you.

Sonia set up a GoFundMe under the video explaining his story. People in the comments were outraged learning about the treatment John received and the donations started pouring in. Since the page was set up in October, more than $95,000 was collected for John.

“John is one of the most talented and hard-working employees at the company. He is extremely dependable,” Sonia wrote on the page. She also added that it had been difficult to convince him to take a break as he was always ready for work. Sonia shared, “It doesn’t matter how much we would suggest to take his vacation days, he would still want to work.” If everyone was as dedicated as John, the world would be a very efficient place!

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Luckily, his coworker stepped up, recognizing his dedication and hard work and set up a GoFundMe so John could have a proper retirement gift

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“Can we give John a little something more for his retirement? Or maybe just some positive vibes and words of encouragement to get him through the rest of his days,” Sonia encouraged the internauts. “He has no wife or kids, however, he does have a nephew whom he loves dearly,” the caring coworker shared more details about John’s life. “It would be nice to give him some kind of company or something to do so he knows that he’s special and loved,” she ended her statement.

Touched by the story, people left heartfelt messages alongside donations. “John, you are an inspiration! God Bless you John, my middle son is named John and I hope when he grows up he possesses the qualities you displayed all these years, loyalty, dedication, hard work and having gratitude, and a positive attitude!”

Another wrote “John – your dedication and work ethic are humbling. Much respect and best wishes to you in your much-deserved retirement. God bless, brother.” The messages are lovely; a shame they came from strangers instead of the bosses of the company he gave so many years to.

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The internet came together and did its thing. Now, John can enjoy his retirement with $95,000. That definitely beats the BBQ

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Hopefully, John will get to enjoy a nice retirement – he’s definitely earned it!

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“Your hard work and dedication is an inspiration, John! We need more like you in the world. All the best to you from NYC!” a commenter wrote.

John is truly an inspiration. Nowadays, people change jobs very often – approximately 30% of the total workforce will change jobs every 12 months. Why do people change jobs so often, then? Well, there are a few reasons behind it:

  • Seeking better pay;
  • Wanting a new challenge;
  • Desiring less stress;
  • Looking to escape a toxic environment;
  • Experiencing burnout.

During 42 years of employment, John must’ve experienced all of the above, yet he still chose to show up for his work every day. Luckily, he now has $95,000 to enjoy his well-deserved break thanks to the great coworkers and the generosity of strangers.

Do you have any retirement or leaving party disasters to share?

People in the comments were outraged about John’s situation

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