How can you manage your photography blog and promote it through Instagram?

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There are different types of business these days, and people are trying to come up with new types of innovative and creative business ideas. The key is to deliver some unique content that would draw a lot of viewers and interested clients and in turn, would bring home a significant amount of revenue. The internet has made things much easier when it comes to such innovative business ideas. The world of blogging is particularly becoming popular these days as more and more people find it to be a very potent platform for expressing their views. Photography and videography are becoming a very trending mode of expressionism, and it can help to a large extent with different purpose like promotion as well as creative skill. Digital media helps us to propagate our ideas better, and hence the concept of photography blog has come into existence.

Promotion for your blog

If you are a seasoned photographer or a newbie with an eye for a perfect frame, the best and affordable way to self-promote your content in photography is through blogging. But having a blog is not enough, and it would need exterior aid and promotions too to thrive. In the world driven by social media, the various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr are some of the best choices with high potential to promote your content. The Instagram is particularly suitable for promoting a photography blog for its design and the concept that it is a mobile-based application which is going to help you out with sharing your images. The photography blog can be designed such that it replicates the Instagram page and that can be an advantage for you when your followers find it easy to navigate just like Instagram. Here we are going to suggest some ways in which the WordPress CMS can help you out for developing and promoting your photography blog.

WordPress image-based themes

There are some pre-designed themes which are available through WordPress for free or nominal charges. Some of them are specifically designed for image-based website designing, and they can help you out regarding your photography blog. If you are going through the possible looks that you would get when you opt for the theme, you will find themes which replicate the Instagram style as well. Opt for such a theme and then modify and configure it according to your taste. When you are opting for a theme that looks like the Instagram web, you can be sure that your followers would be getting the feel of scrolling through the Instagram feed. This can prove to be very helpful since millions of users are addicted to the platform and spent hours scrolling through it and if your content is attractive enough, you are likely to be able to get them hooked.

Frames and captions and filters

While the image itself may not appear very appealing to the users, the overall dimensions added to it by the frames, captions and the filters for editing the image together can give it a very charming appeal. The themes of WordPress are such that you would be able to get image frames that are suitable for the themes and add them to your images. The captions that you are adding along with the anecdotes about the image together can impart the pictures a very significant appeal in the eyes of the viewers. Further, when you are sharing the same photos with the various Instagram filters on your Instagram page, it would look different and more enhanced which would eventually attract more followers from Instagram to your website. Adding the link to the specific posts and content in your Instagram bio manually would also guide your audience to the new posts that you have updated on your page. The key is to make your Instagram posts as attractive as possible and with the WordPress Instagram themes you can make sure that your followers are at ease while navigating your website as well.

Getting more likes

When it comes to managing your website, it is crucial that you pay attention to the followers and promotion that you are getting through them. The traffic that you can pull to your website can become the backbone of establishing your blog successfully which can bring home revenues in the form of endorsements, sponsorships and even sponsored ads as well. However, it is vital that you first have a very dedicated group of followers based on whose demand and views the website stays boosted and up the search engines regarding ranking. With the help of you can buy likes and subscriber for your Instagram account that would be genuine enough and would be interested in the content of your website as well and would get converted to your site traffic.

Professional help

While all these promotional solutions are possible easily provided, you have a good idea about the different innovative ways of promoting they can be very time to consume and hence it can get difficult to manage the other aspects of the blog as well as your photography. Different people and groups are providing such services that would help you out with getting more and more promotion for the blog in a systematic way in the minimum possible time. This is effective and very much helpful when you are seriously trying to pursue photo blogging as your career.

Wrapping up

There are different types of blogs that we can develop our hobbies or professional needs. Photo blogging is a unique concept, and you can ensure that all your ideas that you love framing with the camera and its lens are also upheld to the world through the blog. The themes of WordPress are designed to develop various blogs and photo blogs, in particular, can be created with the Instagram replicating WordPress themes. However, a strong base of followers is elemental for any of these to work out in your favor.

You’ve read How can you manage your photography blog and promote it through Instagram?, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you’ve enjoyed this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles.

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