Guy Pulls The Plug On Hosting Backyard Wedding For Sister After He Listens To Friend’s Superstitions

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Whether it’s knocking on wood to avoid tempting fate, trying not to look in a cracked mirror, or doing the exact same actions so that a sports team wins, we all tend to follow some minor superstitions to make ourselves feel better.

But, what happens when these unfounded beliefs start interfering with important moments in your life? That’s probably when you know it’s time to stop. A bride realized that when her brother bailed on hosting her wedding all due to a superstition that a friend told him about.

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Bride is shocked after brother refuses to host her wedding despite previously agreeing, all because he doesn’t want to share his luck with her

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Brother and his wife agreed to host sister’s wedding in their backyard a year in advance, but just 45 days before the ceremony, they called to cancel 

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The poster found out that her brother’s friend, who is a monk, told him that he would be giving his luck away by hosting his sibling’s wedding at his house

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Her brother did not want to share his family’s luck since they have a 6-month-old and a 2-year-old, so he tried to find his sister a new venue and cover the cost of the invites 

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The woman was mad at her brother for the sudden cancellation and said that it was quite a curveball to receive

Superstitions are everywhere, and if you believe that four-leaf clovers are lucky or that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day, then you’re also a teensy bit superstitious. Bored Panda contacted Dr. Neil Dagnall, a cognitive and parapsychological researcher, to understand these interesting and sometimes wacky beliefs.

He said superstitions broadly refer “to the conviction that supernatural powers/forces (i.e., destiny and fate) can influence outcomes. There are multiple reasons why people endorse superstitions and why they vary in intensity. Regarding psychological factors, feelings and anecdotal evidence guide their decision making. Another cognitive reason for superstition is the desire to exert control/resolve uncertainty. Superstitions provide a sense of control. This is exacerbated in times of stress/uncertainty and people turn to superstitions to cope.”

“Superstitions also come from social/cultural factors such as norms and traditions. These are passed on from generation to generation. Finally, individual differences (personality and disposition). For instance, superstition is associated with anxiety control. Particularly, individuals with an external locus of control, who believe that outside forces have a significant impact on their lives, are more likely to adopt superstitious beliefs,” Dr. Neil added.

In this case, the brother’s superstitious belief caused him enough worry that he decided to bail on his sister’s wedding just 45 days before it. As Dr. Neil states, “while they can provide comfort and a sense of identity, it is essential to recognize when they might hinder rational decision-making or lead to negative outcomes. Balance and awareness are key in managing the influence of superstitions in one’s life.” Although the brother tried to provide alternatives to his sister, he did not realize how much his last-minute cancellation truly affected her.

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We can’t completely blame the woman’s brother for his actions. It isn’t just people who fall prey to superstitions; businesses also seem to follow them. Airlines and airports routinely skip the 13th aisle or gate. Some buildings also avoid numbering a floor as the 13th one. So it seems like these beliefs aren’t just restricted to people, they’re powerful enough to control the actions of big corporations, too.

That’s why we asked Dr. Neil what a person should do if their loved one is superstitious and their belief system negatively impacts their relationship. He said, “While they appear irrational to non-believers, to believers their convictions are internally coherent. In this context, understanding and empathy is vital. A potential course of action is for the individual to openly express their concerns in a non-judgemental manner. This will allow a dialogue to emerge, where the individuals can explore their different perceptions. In extreme instances, it may prove worthwhile to consider therapeutic mediation.”

He also shared some of the most interesting superstitions he’s come across. Dr. Neil said: “Numbers are interesting because they vary across the world. For instance, in Italy the number 17 is considered unlucky. Sources attribute this to the fact that written in Roman numerals (XVII) the characters form an anagram of VIXI–which in Latin means ‘I have lived’ (or rather died). Who knows how truthful this is? Similarly, in Japan people consider number 4, which apparently sounds like ‘death’ (also true in China) and number 9, sounds like ‘pain/ suffering’ unlucky.”

It seems like we can’t escape superstitions, and unfortunately for this bride, she was hit with a whopper. Luckily, she mentioned that finding a venue wouldn’t be a huge problem since she was planning to have an intimate wedding. Hopefully, the ceremony will go smoothly, and nobody else will pop in with another weird belief.

Are you superstitious? Let us know some of the most interesting ones you believe in.

People were divided on whether the woman should leave her brother out of the wedding or forgive him for his actions

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