Employee Is Furious After Boss Announced That Christmas Holidays Are Not For Non-Christians

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I think most people would agree that the Christmas season is one of the most beautiful periods. It’s a time when homes become even cozier, everybody shares kindness and becomes more sentimental. Kids are patiently waiting for Santa Claus’ visit, adults are preparing tables and the whole family gathers together.

Even if you are not Christian, Christmas is the time to spend time with family. But as it turns out, not everybody thinks so. One Reddit user shared their story after they heard from their boss that Christmas is not for non-Christians and it’s going to be treated like a regular work day.

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While Christmas officially may be a Christian celebration, everybody wants to spend these days with family

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Person shares that their boss insists that everybody who is not Christian should come to work on both the 25th and 26th of December

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The employee informed him that they have plans to visit their family on these days

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The boss stated that it’s a regular day for non-Christians, making the employee furious about this failure to notice the double standards

A few days ago, a Reddit user took their story online to rant to its community members after their boss insisted they work on Christmas days because they are not Christian. The post received a lot of attention and in just 3 days it collected almost 8K upvotes and more than 1.1K comments.

The original poster (OP) of this story starts by saying that according to their boss, anyone that isn’t Christian should come to work on both Christmas days. OP informed him that they’re not coming to work as they plan on visiting and spending these days with their family.

The boss then came up with the argument that this holiday is only for Christians and for everybody else, it’s going to be treated like a regular work day. Well, OP stood their ground and stated that they’re not going to come to work, nor use their PTO just because they’re not Christian.

Community members backed up the author, discussed the double standards and offered suggestions on how to deal with this situation. “Sounds like religious discrimination, which is a federal crime,” one user wrote. “You should tell him about countries like Japan that celebrate Christmas despite no one being Christian. Millions and millions of non-Christians celebrate Christmas,” another added.

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You may wonder what employees can actually do when they face discriminatory policies. Well, Deb Falzoi, who is the founder of Dignity Together, End Workplace Abuse and host of the “Screw the Hierarchy” podcast, shared with Bored Panda that there are actually a few options. “Firstly, they may be able to take leave through FMLA or short- or long-term disability if the stress affects their health, but before, it’s important to consult with an employment lawyer found through NELA.org.

Also, “they can decide if their workplace aligns with their values and if not, put a safety plan in place to leave the toxic work environment through a temporary job, another job, a new business venture, or a break from work if they have a financial cushion,” she emphasizes. Or employees may be able to file a complaint with the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunities Commission) and/or state human rights commission after consulting with an employment lawyer to get a right to sue letter.

Now, it’s obvious that a hostile work environment, especially during festive seasons, can affect an employee’s well-being and mental health. Deb emphasizes that it can result in mental and emotional harm such a loss of self-worth, anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.“ Targets also bring the depression home to their children, who lose parental support due to their rumination,” she notes.

Sometimes employees are afraid to address workplace conflicts as it may simply jeopardize their career, Deb shares that honest conversations may work with healthy managers, but they only work when both parties care about each other’s interests. 

“Conflict resolution is not the goal of toxic managers who prioritize power and control. When employees speak up in toxic work environments, they pose a threat to insecure managers, who often construct a false narrative about the employee to position them as incompetent and to push them out,” she explains. 

So what do you think about this situation? How would you suggest the OP act in this situation? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Redditors shared their opinions on what the author should do in this situation

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