80 Times People Absolutely Won The Food Lottery (New Pics)

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Don’t you ever wish that people would look at you like they do at their food before partaking in the necessity that is sustenance? Well, even if you do end up pulling that off somehow, beware, as there is food that goes above and beyond to make itself stand out and become what the internet calls a unit.

Scroll down to see if you can win people’s attention against these foods of epic, extra or enchanting proportions.

#1 My Ice Cream Bar Came With A One And A Third Of The Ice Cream Bar

Image credits: _slajso_

#2 Recipe: Use Two Cloves Of Garlic. Me: Got It

Image credits: monyeeart

#3 There’s A Full Block Of Cheese In My Bag Of Shredded Cheddar Blend

Image credits: Xephia

Sure, you can joke about things like huge foods becoming sentient and going to the gym 8 days a week and taking steroids and all that jazz to explain how they got as big as they did. However, the explanation is much more boring, but still important to know.

Long story short, it boils down to two things: the right conditions and genetics.

#4 My Takeout Rice Container Was 100% Filled

Image credits: SwashbucklingWeasels

#5 Thought You Might Like To See This Giant 5 Lbs Lemon From My Sister-In-Law’s Lemon Tree. She Gets A Few Of These Every Year. Regular-Sized Lemon For Scale

Image credits: theemmyk

#6 Extra Long Wiggly Churro

Image credits: SevenLittleMice

The second one is easier to explain, we’ll start with that. Genetic selection is, essentially, growing a harvest and seeing which of the harvested fruit came out the best. Then you take their seeds, as they have the most preferred genes, and use those for your next planting. Rinse and repeat multiple generations until the dominant population of fruit is whatever desirable property that you want it to be (e.g. bigger, of a certain color, etc.).

#7 The Ratio Of Strawberries In This Red Berry Cereal

Image credits: Grecksan

#8 This Long Kiwi

Image credits: somewhatbold

#9 I Got 2 Double-Yolk Eggs In One Go

Image credits: Grantgamefreak

As for the right conditions, there’s much more to cover, so bear with me.

A key part in making fruit healthy is the soil. If your soil is rich in minerals and other grounded necessities, you can bet those will be absorbed into the fruit or vegetable that you’re growing and will hence benefit more from it compared to the sucker that gets less of it. That’s essentially why fertilizers were invented.

#10 These Blackberries Are Huge

Image credits: ohhhlordt

#11 My Kinder Surprise Had A Double Shell

Image credits: ninalice_b

#12 This Oyster I Was Served Today

Image credits: lazyegg-girl

Next up, a growable will definitely need water. But not a lot of water, rather balanced amounts of water. Too little of it and it might hinder its growth and wilt it, and too much of it and your fruit or veggies might rot and develop disease. The soil has to be consistently moist, but not waterlogged, and there are ways to help manage droughts and bogging.

#13 This Sausage

Image credits: FootyScran

#14 My Friend Ordered Chicken On Her Pizza In Israel. Reasonable Execution

Image credits: Kartarsh

#15 I Asked For Extra Roast Beef On My Sandwich. I Was Fully Expecting About 1/3 As Much Beef. And The Upcharge Was Only $0.50

Image credits: mf9812

It goes without saying that plants require care. Sure, the forest kinda sorta does things on its own, but if you want to leave it up to chance and let Mother Nature reclaim the land as its own, then go for it.

With that said, pruning and thinning is a must. Cutting off branches and other floral extremities allows the plant to direct more nutrients to the places that actually matter: the fruits. But always consult your plant guides to know if and how much you need to do this.

#16 Potato In The Size Of My Forearm

Image credits: Confident-Tart-915

#17 Found A Pearl In My Oyster Last Night

Image credits: Farleymcg

#18 My “Medium” Ice Cream Cone. The Large One Has One More Scoop On It

Image credits: upscaledive

Then there’s things like feeding your veggies and fruits. Sure, the soil, the tin can and the sun provide pretty much all that a plant needs, but the right amounts and appropriate fertilizers help boost the harvest. And if not in quantity, then in quality. That’s part of the reason why you can end up with a unit of a fruit, so buff you can accurately pinpoint how many leg days it never skipped.

#19 I Ordered A $3 Twelve-Pack Of Ramen In Order To Get Free Shipping. They Only Charged For One, But I Received 144

Image credits: StolenCamaro

#20 I Asked For Extra Pickles. The Guy At The Subway Said: “Here, I Hate This Job. You Should Have Asked For A Steak Sandwich With Extra Steak”

Image credits: LuluBelle_Jones

#21 I Went To The Taco Bell Drive-Through With A Friend. When Asked If We Wanted Sauce, I Said: “As Much As You’re Allowed To Give Me”. I May Have Made A Mistake

Image credits: ThreadedPommel

Now, all of this is important, but there’s one more factor to consider, and we talked about it in the beginning: genetics.

Fruit size is determined by the genes—that’s a huge part why genetic selection is a thing in the first place. And so, if you happen to get yourself some seeds for fruits or veggies that are genetically big, you’re welcome. However, some varieties don’t pride themselves in size, but have other qualities folks might enjoy, like sweetness or ingestive convenience. I’m looking at you, cherry tomatoes.

#22 This Regular Pepperoni Pizza My Brother Ordered

Image credits: The_Skeletor_

#23 5 Peanuts In A Single Shell

Image credits: Ancient-Worry-6668

#24 So I Ordered Some Popcorn From Amazon. Always Check The Size First

Image credits: Jakeyrogers

Now, does any of this have an impact on whether the fruit is rendered inedible because of its size? It depends.

Overgrown zucchini, for instance, can be eaten no matter the size, really. While it does change consistency with size, making it impossible for certain recipes, it is still edible and anything can be turned into a casserole.

#25 I Asked For A Lot Of Ketchup At The Farmer Boys, And They Gave Me The Entire Bottle

Image credits: HighlightFar372

#26 I Asked If They Could Make My Slice A Bit Thicker. I Was Not Disappointed

Image credits: reddit.com

#27 This Giant Blueberry I Found Today

Image credits: reddit.com

Pumpkins, on the other hand, are amazing to grow large for size competitions at state fairs. Not so much for culinary adventures. You see, they become very watery and tasteless with their size. Besides that, they also retain a lot of the fertilizer used to overgrow them—again, for bragging rights. Pumpkins are loved by farm animals no matter the size, though, so there’s that.

#28 Asked For Extra Pickles And Got 25

Image credits: lostcrafts

#29 Extra Pickles In My Sandwich And Some Ranch On The Side, Please

Image credits: crowdedalone

#30 Husband Saw This And Queried It With The Cashier. She Said: “It’s The Price On The Sticker, If You Don’t Buy It I Will!”

Image credits: CheeseNeedsTraceyJohnson

So, what are some of your large fruit stories? Have any glorious giants and anomalies of the production cycle that you’d be proud to share? Do so in the comment section below!

Also, be sure to not stop here and continue on scrolling winners of the food lottery.

#31 I Asked For Extra Olives On My Salad

Image credits: Kaizen336

#32 Absolute Unit Of A Sour Patch Kids

Image credits: Jeterea

#33 “Can I Get An Extra Egg?” In Tokyo, Japan

Image credits: wetnoodle13

#34 I Asked My Husband To Get Me Some Ginger. This Is Some Ginger

Image credits: roseauspapier

#35 I Grew A 19.5-Inch Cucumber (Goat For Scale)

Image credits: Jackwinner2126

#36 I Asked For Extra Everything From Chipotle And Was Given A Burrito As Big As My Forearm

Image credits: haleyxciiiiiiiiii

#37 I Requested 8 Bananas In My Weekly Grocery Pickup Order…. They Gave Me 8 Bunches, And Managed To Only Charge Me $0.68 – The Price Of One Single Banana

Image credits: coorgleesi

#38 I Asked For Extra Ginger To Replace The Wasabi And This Is What I Got

Image credits: rozay111

#39 This Naan Bread I Had In The UK

Image credits: 123hamed

#40 Found This Behemoth Of A Chip In My Bag Of Takis Waves (First Time Trying It)

Image credits: Low-Selection4894

#41 Extra Mozzarella. This Was Supposed To Be An 8-Piece

Image credits: dinoman27000

#42 We Ordered 12 Tacos At Jack In The Box At 2 AM, And The Drive-Through Person Must Have Accidentally Put In 12 Twice Because We Were Asked Again How Many We Got At The Window

When we said twelve he just shrugged and told us to take all of them (24). We deliciously complied.

Image credits: luci73

#43 My Avocado This Morning Was A Treat

Image credits: Jessica147896

#44 Taco Bell Always Forgets Our Sauce Packets When We Order Uber Eats. Last Night, I Asked For A Backlog

Image credits: baronspeerzy

#45 My Husband Asked For A Side Of Ranch. What Do We Do With All Of This?

Image credits: abblee__

#46 I Love You Random Jimmy John’s Employee. I’ve Never Gotten This Much Extra Lettuce Before

Image credits: mumbojumbo23

#47 I Asked For Extra Olives

Image credits: reddit.com

#48 A Bag Of Funyuns I Just Opened Had A Giant Combined Piece In The Bag

Image credits: BlueBDS

#49 This Whole Potato Made It Into My Bag Of Chips

Image credits: del_454

#50 Woman Ordered A Cheddar Roll In A Pub In UK And Was Given A Chonky Cheese

Image credits: Madunong

#51 I Ordered A 2 Lbs Bag Of Sweet Potatoes

Image credits: irl-a-meerkat

#52 Found A Tiny Tangelo In My Big Tangelo

Image credits: Hugeclick

#53 Nearly All The Fruit On My Habanero Grew A Second Pepper Inside Them

Image credits: UncertifiedForklift

#54 Not Sure If It Fits Here But I Take Pride In Finding A 6-Inch-Long Sour Patch Kid

Image credits: kizunker

#55 This Absolute Unit Of A Strawberry

Image credits: SmallCapsForLife

#56 Peeled This Super Fat Banana To Find Two Bananas Inside

Image credits: justdoo08

#57 I Ate Schnitzel For The First Time

Image credits: trestonschen

#58 My Friend Got This Giant Fusion Funyun From This Bag Of Regular Funyuns

Image credits: Wanttobebetter2-

#59 I Asked A&W Restaurant For Extra Cheese On My Chili Cheese Fries, And Boy Did They Deliver

Image credits: itsnotlikewereforkin

#60 I Won An Extra Piece Of Bacon Today

Image credits: Peelboy

#61 I Think I Won The Watermelon Lottery

Image credits: p04s22l72

#62 Giant Franken-Funyun

Image credits: 404-usernamemissing

#63 My Animal Crackers Came In An Animal Sheet

Image credits: SalvationSycamore

#64 The Largest Winter Melon I’ve Ever Grown In My Life, And It’s Still Growing

Image credits: germie464

#65 The Watermelon Is Looking Pretty Good

Image credits: LuumuMarmeladi

#66 A Very Long Cheeto I’ve Found In My Bag

Image credits: Zyv1k

#67 This Monster Garlic I Found At The Farmers’ Market. Named Him Rocky Bulb-Oa, Not Sure What To Do With Him

Image credits: BlueStarFern

#68 This Carrot. Banana For Scale

Image credits: GustavetheGrosse

#69 My Frozen Pizza Came With Very Thick Pepperoni

Image credits: Space_isneat

#70 I Asked For Extra Cream Cheese On My Bagel. I Think They Might Have Taken It Too Far. This Is From A Bagel Shop In New York

Maybe I should have specified an amount? But at the same time, this has never happened before, and I ask for extra all the time.

Image credits: pickleandsabresmom

#71 My Hand For Scale

Image credits: DeathBerryRen

#72 This Chicken Tender I Had In My Lunch Today. I Asked For It Specifically And The Lady Said “Honey, You Look Like The Right Person For That Chicken Tender”

Image credits: Flatf3et

#73 My Yellow Pepper Came With A Green Pepper Inside

Image credits: boomer_wife

#74 Absolute Units Of Cauliflower And Cabbage My Parents Grew In Their Garden. My Dad Said The Cabbage Came In At 13 Lbs

Image credits: Vandlan

#75 This Straaawberry I Saw In The Store

Image credits: Darry__Lavid

#76 My Father Grew This Bean In His Backyard

Image credits: hybridginger

#77 This Potato Chip Is Big As My Palm

Image credits: Crash2000

#78 Um, I Was Asked To Pose With This Enormous Vegetable The Neighbors Dropped Off From Their Garden (I’m Terrified)

Image credits: lifew_louie

#79 This Ridiculously Long Fry My Husband Got From Arby’s

Image credits: reddit.com

#80 3 Almonds Instead Of 2. Truly An Almond Joy

Image credits: reddit.com

#81 Lovebirds. Inseparable. Just Chips

#82 I Ordered A 2 Lb Bag Of Sweet Potatoes

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