41 People Share Flexes They’re Proud Of But Too Embarrassed To Show Off

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Humans are incredible creatures. When we really push ourselves, we can cure diseases, run ultramarathons and create amazing pieces of artwork. But we can’t all be exceptional. For some of us, the greatest accomplishment we’ll ever achieve is getting millions of views on a viral video of our most embarrassing moment.

Redditors have recently been sharing unique flexes that they’re too embarrassed to tell others about, so we’ve gathered the most amusing ones below. Enjoy reading through these skills and accomplishments that people are secretly super proud of, and be sure to upvote the ones you find impressive!


I’ve been hired as a nude model for art classes, medical schools, and physical therapy workshops. Proud of it because I’m an engineering nerd who never thought I’d be any type of model. Embarrassed because the few people I’ve told in person responded with derision.

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To find out more about how this conversation started in the first place, we reached out to Reddit user MTC4U, who posed the question, “What is a flex you’re proud of but too embarrassed to show off?” MTC4U was kind enough to have a chat with Bored Panda and share what inspired him to start this thread.

“I smoked weed daily for like 8 years straight. It was something I wanted to quit because it was starting to affect my productivity, and I wanted to be sharp at my work (I work in the lab at my local hospital),” the OP shared. “I managed to quit a few times for a few weeks, but whenever I got bored or stressed, I just started to smoke it again.”


I can fold a fitted sheet.

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I’m the first one in my family that’s graduating college with honours and got into an honours BA with advanced standing, and who knows might even go ahead and do a masters after.

As a kid who grew up with nothing, then ended up orphaned and in the foster system, I’m proud of myself. ?.

“Last week, I was one year smoke free and counting! The problem was: nobody even knew I smoked weed! Not my friends nor my family,” MTC4U continued. “So even though it was a personal flex to stay off the weed for a full year, I had nobody to share it with.”

“So, on the morning of my sobriety anniversary, I looked in the mirror and I kind of nodded to myself and thought: ‘[heck] yeah I did it!’ But then I also wondered if anyone else was proud of something but was unable to share it for some reason,” he noted. “That’s why I asked the Redditors if they were willing to share their flexes, so they could get the recognition they deserved or just share their story for fun.”


I went from being denied acceptance into every college I applied to. To getting my master’s, becoming a doctor and, owing two practices. F**k them colleges.

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I can deep throat a popsicle all the way down the end of the stick without gagging. Only problem is that I’m a straight dude.

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I have full control of all my toes. Yes, this means I can wiggle any toe without moving other ones.

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We were also curious if the OP had any more unique skills that he’s proud of but doesn’t necessarily share with everyone. “Well, when I was small kid, I was a fan of Michael Jackson and mind you, this was peak 80’s Michael Jackson (yes I am old now),” he shared with a smile.

“At a young age, I practiced his dance moves meticulously to a point that I could do pretty good impersonation when I was a teen. I’m still capable to bust some moves, and from time to time, I moonwalk through my hospital where I work wearing my lab coat,” MTC4U revealed. “The linoleum hospital floor is exceptionally good for this!”


I can speak 6 languages.

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My body. I’m still fat, but I’ve been working out and watching my diet for 15 weeks, so there has been a slight difference. :).

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I can sing soprano as a straight male dude. I will only karaoke in family functions because a few times I did it in front of friends and they started to call me Celine D-Bag. Never again.

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As far as what the OP thought of the replies to his post, he told Bored Panda he was “baffled by how many people were boasting about their genitals, mainly the male phallus!”

“But the real surprise was that people were willing to share their embarrassing achievement, collection or even body parts thinking that they were probably only a small few. But it turned out that there were many more with similar experiences or interests,” MTC4U continued. “[It was nice to see] how well they could relate with each other, and it created sub threads where they were sharing stories and complementing each other.”


I can pick my nose with my tongue. I know it’s gross but it’s also very….. unique.

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I can name around 1200 species of plants and trees native to the Appalachian region of Ohio. I’ve had this skill since I was a pre-teen. I’m incredibly annoying to hike with due to my incessant babble about wildlife.
[I grew up at a summer camp – nature preserve that my parents managed spending the bulk of my time out in the forest with field identification guides.].

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My Wordle statistics.

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“It was also nice to see that people were proud of others and gave them the recognition they deserved,” the OP continued. “There was one post about a man whose wife was a neurosurgeon changing people lives for the better, but she didn’t want to get any special recognition for ‘just doing her job.'”

“But personally, for me, the best ones were people fighting addiction, depression, and personal barriers,” MTC4U added. “Overcoming obstacles and beating their inner demons to achieve something they always desired. It’s inspirational to see how many people are willing to change for the better once they get the proper motivation. Also, single parents taking care of their kids? Absolutely a flex! Huge props!”


I have a very sensitive nose. I can smell things that others don’t or are not bothered. Embarrassing because, after knowing woman for about two months I can tell they have their period. I can pick out different peoples smell after I know them for a bit. Not something you tell other people.

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I can burp louder than a lawnmower.

Edit- yes lawnmowers don’t burp, I am referring to the fact I can burp around 96dB, 98 being my all time best (likely not accurate as I really doubt smartphone dB meters count for scientific accuracy). Google reports lawn mowers at about 94dB.

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Between the pandemic and having a second kid, I gained a ton of weight in the last 5 years. A couple months ago I finally started getting semi-serious about losing weight. My goal was to hit 200 lbs by my birthday, down about 15-20 lbs from my max weight.

Yesterday was my birthday, and I weighed 198. I’m proud of the progress, but embarrassed to share because I am still very overweight.

Finally, MTC4U wanted to encourage others to share their unique flexes. “Please do! There are so many things people achieve in their lives, small, big not knowing the impact it might have on them or others, how embarrassing or insignificant it might be to them,” they explained. “It could help others in a similar situation, help find someone to share the burden with or just get a well-deserved compliment. It’s amazing how much an up/down nod or a pat on the shoulder can do for someone!”


I can yodel.

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I get really good really fast at any skill i pick up. This sucks because it pretty much makes me the guy who everyone call to fix and make random things.

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My middle toe doesn’t curl so when I scrunch my toes I can swear with my foot.

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I can spit more than 15ft away. I can also land a one on the ceiling. I’m a 37 year old corporate boss.

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I bought Nvidia stock in 2016, and the gains are more than I paid for my house. I’m not a stock market follower, just a geeky dude who follows tech and saw potential.

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I have released a series of moderately successful self published books, paid off my house and car but still go to work every day. My wife doesn’t know our mortgage is paid and kids have £25k aside each when they are 18.

Reason – I love working my day job and don’t trust her with money. Ridiculous and yet necessary for peace.

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My thrifted computer mouse collection.

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I can tell which episode of Criminal Minds it is by about 30 seconds of the opening. I once got it from just a random still.


I can squat 650lbs but never tell anyone because I feel like I’ll sound like one of those guys whose entire personality is lifting.

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My a*s looks…Like I make a concious effort. I’ve been accused multiple times over my life of having a BBL or implants.

I’m poor. And I don’t exercise. It’s just the way I’m built and it’s not for any type of jean.

Anytime I take a date up to my place and we are taking the stairs, if they are behind me….All I get is a “GODDAMN!!!” About halfway thru the walk up.

I have ASD and social anxiety. So whenever I forget the rule of not letting a first date walk behind me up the stairs I lose all my game and get flustered. ?

My nickname in highschool was f*****g ASSpergers.

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I entered a pub quiz while on holiday when I was about 10 years old with my family. The prize money was €300 and there were about 30 teams. I won by a margin, and my family didn’t answer a single question. My mam and dad still talk about it 20 years later. I have a ridiculously good brain for general knowledge and otherwise useless trivia. At age 29, I was diagnosed with ADHD and it turns out that my hyper focusing on random and “pointless” topics is actually pretty neat.

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I have a FanFic account with a story that has more than 3 million views. Except I wrote it and posted it then never logged back in. So I didn’t find out until like 10 years later that I was FanFic famous & a lot of people were really pissed that I never finished the story lmao.

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My wife is a doctor in neurosurgery.  I love bragging about her but she is very humble and reserved about it. Doesn’t want people calling her Doctor and prefer others don’t know her profession.  .


My number one talent is scale modelling. Basically you buy kits of things like jets, tanks, cars etc and then build and paint them. I have been doing this since I was four and can safely say I am relatively good at it. This, however is a hobby reserved for nerds and boomers, so I’m too shy to show it off.


Have a GoPro video I posted in 2008 with 16 million views. It’s me crashing on my bike and breaking a rib. Basically a 3 min pov video of me moaning has been viewed by scary portion of the population lol.

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As a cis girl, I can pee standing up. I have pretty good aim, too.


I have a photographic memory when people ask where something is at work or want to recall something but I still will look it up/pretend I don’t know as I don’t want to show off.


I can squeeze 209lbs on the grip tester and I do not go to the gym. I am a contractor in the trades in my mid 50s.

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I have a series of books nearly complete but want to finish the full set before publishing. I have gone 15 years writing with virtually no feedback beyond a couple pages.

I do worry that it’ll just never be good enough and I’ll trick myself into working on it five years longer than I should.


I have memorized the entire “Harry Potter” series and can quote whole passages. It’s a bit nerdy, but I’m proud of it!

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I can sing the mongolian national anthem by heart, and i was born and raised in the philippines, and have never been to mongolia.

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I’m the top Grub player in the world at GunboundM. Obscure, cutesie, phone game that virtually no one in English speaking countries has heard of.


Not really embarrassed, I just don’t get a chance to share the story.

We were driving on a gravel road with no turn around and there are cars behind us. I need to pee. It’s about 30 more mins before we can stop, so I grab an empty 32 oz Gatorade bottle and fill it back up.

TL:DR my bladder can hold 32 oz.

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The amount of anime I’ve watched since I started. I’m proud of it for myself but it’s not really something I’d tell people.

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I’m a really good dungeon master.


My wife and I tried for kids and got pregnant with twins first time, like day 1 of trying. Then less than two years later we thought it was a safe time of the month so tried without protection and instantly pregnant again. With all our friends struggling to get pregnant and having IVF we are *literally* the most fertile people we know, but we can’t flex it without making them feel bad so we mostly keep it quiet. Needless to say we don’t even kiss anymore just to be safe!

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