30 Awful Beauty Standards That Probably Shouldn’t Have Existed In The First Place

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Hearing the words ‘beauty standards’, we can already assume that it will be something totally unnatural and not great for health both physically and mentally. As years go by, they change (at least a little bit), and most cultures have their own, but probably most of us can agree that when we hear beauty standards, we imagine that to fit in, we must be slim with pouty lips and pointy noses.

Well, one Reddit user recently started a thread asking people online to share the dumbest beauty standards that they have heard of. I think it’s safe to say that most of them are actually insane. So scroll through them and share your thoughts!

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The huge, ridiculous swollen lips–good gawd it looks silly.

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Men who say body hair is unhygienic… and don’t shave their own pits.

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Bored Panda got in touch with Valerie Monroe, who writes the popular newsletter How Not to F*ck Up Your Face, and she kindly agreed to share her insights regarding this topic.

To begin with, she noted that in her opinion, beauty standards have evolved surprisingly little over time. “What we see in the West is mostly a Eurocentric beauty standard, which, for women, prizes light, clear skin, long hair, light, wide-set eyes, a small nose and chin, and a small, full mouth. Interestingly, it mimics the features of a baby,” she emphasized.

Valerie added that despite some recent changes to incorporate more ethnically varied features and darker skin tones, the previous standards still stand.


Huge [butts]. So many women look like bumble bees now.

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White people want to be tanned, people with high skin pigmentation want to be pale. It’s completely idiotic how we each want what the others have. 

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no SMILE LINES??? back in the day we were told we were prettier if we smiled and now its UGLY???

Image credits: 6teeee9

Now, speaking about whether it is possible for society to move towards a more inclusive and diverse set of beauty standards, she pointed out that she believes it’s possible to move towards them, but that’s probably not going to happen, at least in the U.S. “The majority of our population no longer reflects Eurocentric standards. (In other words, the population includes fewer white people than people of color.) That time is coming, so we’ll see.”

We also asked Valerie if it’s possible to ‘remove’ beauty standards at all, but she noted that it’s not going to happen. “How else will the Big Beauty companies make money? They thrive off our yearning to look a certain way: youthful, sexual, an impossible ideal. There’s an enormous capital that goes into supporting our discontent!”


That having a disability means you can’t be beautiful

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Thigh gaps. No offence to anyone who has one naturally but it’s just odd to me that this was a literally beauty standard for a good half a decade when, unlike a lot of other beauty standards that can be achieved either through weight-loss/gain, cosmetic surgery or makeup, this one relied purely on genetics.

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Freckle tattoos. Natural freckles can be gorgeous, but it is so ridiculous to see young women actually getting some tattooed on, eithet with henna or permanent ink. Yes, it is noticeable that they’re fake.

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Finally, it’s obvious that due to the advancement of technology, social media and photoshop, more and more people feel pressure to fit these beauty standards. Valerie shared: “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Social media, filters, and photo-editing technology have had a hellish impact on our yearning to conform to unrealistic beauty standards.”

She also highlighted that what we see on social media is fiction presented as fact and even when we’re aware that the images are unrealistic and impossible to replicate, their impact is still deleterious to our well-being. “Why? Because they suggest that unrealistic standards are possible, and if we don’t or can’t conform to them, we’ve failed.”


That apparently none of us should have pores at all, god forbid a blemish.

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“Boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses”

Every man I’ve dated has LOST THEIR MIND whenever I take out my contacts and put on my glasses

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That you shouldn’t have long hair if you are 40+ years old.

Image credits: Entropy_Goose

So, guys, if you want to hear more from Valerie on this topic, check out her newsletter, How Not to F*ck Up Your Face!

And what do you think about these beauty standards? What, in your opinion, is the most ridiculous? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 


Well soo I know for some situations its a godsend that this is available.. but generally it currently fashionable and considered beautiful, to get veneers, on healthy teeth.

The process of shaving down natural healthy teeth to glue prettier teeth on, is strange.

Like I have one, my tooth broke, they cut it down and fitted it with a veneer. It was to fix a problem. But now cause that happen i know the new tooth is not as strong, they break they fall off, they are weaker. And the real tooth underneath has been compromised, its nerve is not as protected, it can’t handle temp as well, it is less strong.

To do this to every tooth.. when they look five anyway, just so they look perfect.. it’s shocking. Its also So painful to do it. And if you don’t have a real artist doing it they could mess up and make it look like you are wearing dentures! And really you are Not not!

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Foot binding

Image credits: lovin_da_dix


Buccal Fat Removal

Image credits: Content-Lettuce1306


The hourglass figure. How are you meant to have a small waist/flat stomach but still be fuller of both sides of that waist unless it’s genetic? For most women, this is unachievable!

Image credits: kitty_mitts


Skin bleaching. It’s dumb and it’s scary. I know that in some cultures having lighter or fairer skin is deemed “attractive” and some girls and women will shun the sun as much as possible, but smearing on chemicals to bleach your skin’s natural colour? Not cool, especially since a friend of mine showed me videos of the after-effects of skin lightening “treatments” that left some pretty nasty side-effects.

Image credits: PureDeidBrilliant


Having “pearly white teeth”

Image credits: daisies-and-roses


Fake tans

Image credits: Mysterious_Ad9307


Height being any indication of beauty or desire. It makes no difference to the average person in life.

Image credits: LFpawgsnmilfs


Women need long hair to be considered feminine.
Blows my mind when women make a big deal about cutting their hair “short” and its shoulder length (which isn’t short)

Image credits: Zestyclose-Bad7261


As a POC I used to think having blonde hair and blue eyes would make me beautiful.

I love my dark hair and brown eyes now, but I had a rough time for a moment in puberty.

Image credits: bluenervana


There once was a post on here about how women who don’t paint their toenails are ugly… Like lmao what?

Image credits: toolongforyoutoread


Leblouh – involves a girl of five, seven or nine being obliged to eat excessively to achieve female roundness and corpulence, so that she can be married off as young as possible. Girls from rural families are taken for leblouh at special “fattening farms” where older women, or the children’s aunts or grandmothers, will administer pounded millet, camel’s milk and water in quantities that make them ill.

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Hip dips (the obsession to not have them).

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The Mayan concept of beauty was wild. Long sloping foreheads, crossed eyes, pointed teeth and hooked noses. These features were achieved artificially starting in infancy.

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For a while on tiktok, they were promoting products to cure “strawberry legs”. It’s literally just having pores on your legs. So dumb.

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Getting filler in your knees so they don’t look like they have faces in them… it’s a race to the bottom when it comes to cosmetic procedures

Image credits: aoifemcmccarthy


Rib removal to get s smaller waist

Image credits: ThenCable2793


Canthal tilt

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That large-chested women shouldn’t wear sweaters because it gives them “monoboob”

Image credits: 80085ntits

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