24 Canadians List Most Common Signs That Show Them Someone Is A Tourist

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Every country and place is unique in its own way. Originating from somewhere shapes people in a certain way, resulting in something we call cultural differences. These become the most visible when we leave the place that shaped us and visit somewhere people act a little bit differently. For some, these contrasts are fascinating, while for others, they are annoying.

As you could've guessed, that's what we're talking about today. To be more specific, we're focusing on what kind of deviations from their culture Canadians notice in tourists. And let's just say, evidently, they notice a lot of things.

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They take photos of the squirrels.

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They try and get selfies with a cow moose, 10 ft from the calf.

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They wear full-on parkas in April, May, and I’ve even seen June…..we live in the Arctic, sure, but people who live here are just more climitized, I guess.

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Canada, a country located in North America, is a very interesting place. What we mean by that is that it holds several world records. For example, it has the world’s longest coastline and the longest international land border. Pretty impressive, isn’t it? And if it weren’t for Russia, it would be the biggest country by total area. 

Interestingly, despite being one of the biggest countries in the world, Canada is relatively sparsely inhabited. For instance, over 60% of the population (over 39M people as of 2024) live in two of the provinces: Ontario and Quebec.


Pronouncing the second T in Toronto.

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They just trundle off into the bush on a hiking trail with very little preparation or supplies.

They try to approach/feed wild animals.

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When they are worried or ask about bears.

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Speaking of provinces, Canada has 10 of them, with 3 additional territories. This leads us to the question that sparked this list: “In your province, what is a dead giveaway that someone is a tourist?” It was asked on r/AskACanadian, and it quickly gathered many responses. Some responses were serious, some not as much, yet it still was a very entertaining and, frankly, educational list. So, if you’re traveling to Canada and don’t want to look like a foolish tourist (not that every tourist is foolish, but some, let’s admit, are), this list is basically your handbook. 


When they stop to take a picture of a deer, moose, elk or bear at the side of the road.

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Asking how many more miles up the #1 Highway till they hit Alaska… and they’re on Vancouver Island.

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Trying a day drive from Toronto to Edmonton.

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In the list, you can see things such as a car having a front license plate being a thing that gives away that a person isn’t local. Apparently, out of all 10 of Canada’s provinces, only 3 of their jurisdictions require both front and rear registration plates.

Another thing pointed out in the list was the people who ask around with the phrase “Où est la toilette?” The intention of using one of the country’s official languages is good. Yet, as some people on Reddit pointed out, asking with this exact phrasing means that the person is asking, “Where is the toilet?” Since “toilet” is plural in French, the singular kind of gives away that a person isn’t a Canadian-French speaker. 


When they call the Confederation Bridge the Confederation Bridge and not just “The Bridge”.

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Cal-GARY instead of Calgree.

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White plastic cowboy hats.

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People mispronouncing the names of certain objects was quite commonly mentioned in the list. As well as tourists being amazed by animals that are a common sight for the locals. Or even worse, trying to approach them even though they might be dangerous.

Well, as we said – the list is a handbook for those who, for one reason or another, want to pretend to be locals in Canada. And if you aren’t one of them, the list is still pretty entertaining, isn’t it? So, which one of these observations was the most interesting to you? Share with us in the comments, and don’t forget to upvote it!


Standing in front of the Steam Clock *(which is electric)* with their mouth open.

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When they ask, « Où est la toilette ? ».

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When they say Victoria Island instead of Vancouver Island.

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They casually talk about how they “might catch a Leaf game” as a family activity. Like buddy you realize that’s probably a $800-$1000 outing for a family of 4 right? Not saying it’s impossible, but at least do a little homework before making any promises to the kids.

Bonus points if they drop the “I hear it’s playoffs, what’s the best way to get tickets”.

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Their car has a front licence plate.

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They say “SaskatcheWAWN”. Instant give away you’re not from here. We all say it “SaskatchewIN”.

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When they call the Skytrain the metro or the subway.

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When they call it the CNN Tower.

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They look optimistic and happy (Saskatchewan resident).

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Ontario: Showing up over dressed, Americans do not have very good geography lessons, don’t understand climate or weather lol
I’ve had friends visit from Ohio and had to explain to them that we have almost the exact same weather and they wouldn’t believe me lol.

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Red Plates.

Goes 50 under on a slight curve, 140 on straight.

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When they are in banff ?.

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